[Harp-L] Update: West Coast Jazz Harmonica Summit

Just back from the first rehearsal for The West Coast Jazz Harmonica Summit and wow! This is going to be something very special. This is definitely "big tent" jazz, with repertoire spanning Louis Armstrong to Michael Brecker, the Great American Songbook to Stevie Wonder, Musette to Be Bop, and some stuff I can't even describe ;-). There was nothing but smiles and tapping feet at rehearsal today, with the harmonica players diggin' our fine trio and the trio diggin' our fine harmonica players.

If you can possibly make it, don't miss this one-of-a-kind event -- pick up tickets while you can as seating is limited and at least two local papers are running stories on the event this week.

It all happens at 7pm Monday, August 10, in Santa Cruz on the eve of SPAH Sacramento.

For lots of fun details and tickets, check out the website: www.JazzHarmonicaSummit.com

Hope to see you there, and in Sacramento as well!

- Slim.

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