[Harp-L] Help Please with del Junco tuning

Hi folks, 

The thread on the alternate tuning for an really interests me as I LOVE del
Junco's "B- Thing".  I want to get a couple of E harps and do this tuning
(or maybe just configurate in on a Seydel order and save myself the
trouble).  The actual information I need it patchy on the thread.  I was
able to glean from it the following:  That the tuning is on Overblow.com's
site and listed as Lee Oscar Tuning 11.21.  

When I checked this tuning I find that there are actually 4 variations -
11.21, 11.21a, 11.21b, and 11.21c.  Now I'm not so sure which is the one I
want.  My lack of experience here makes me a little timid.

Another post to this thread (Ben Bowman's) states that the tuning changes
from Standard Richter by 1 blow down 2 semi-tones, 1 draw up 3 semi-tones,
and 7 draw down a semi-tone.  What I can deduce from this is that it's the
11.21a that most closely resembles this description.  Am I right?

Another question:  Do those wiser than I (of which there are many) think
It's possible that I could configure a Seydel Soloist Pro to this tuning and
end up with a harp that I could tweak (i.e. emboss, gap, etc.) to the point
that I could get those over-blows shown on the tuning chart?  E is a high
harp so I'm thinking over-blows are going to work easier on it that on, say,
and A.  

Sam Blancato, Pittsburgh

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