[Harp-L] Pre-auction harp-l special!!! COMPLETE Holmes Harp Commander / Mackie / BBE Harp Rig!!!

Hello Fellow Harp Freaks!


     I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a COMPLETE harp rig I have for sale!

This is something I would have LOVED to have stumbled upon back in my salad days!

This will accomodate ALL levels of players and has mucho "room to grow in".

It is a professional, compact setup that can get you great sound in any sized club; perfect as is for coffee shops and bars or the ultimate stage monitor for larger halls, festivals and etc.

Okay, here 'tis ... whole setup cost over $1,000.00 new, it'll list on ebay for around $800.00

Harp-l folks get a special at $750.00, plus shipping.


*Holmes Harp Commander lll, with U.S. DC transformer/adapter and owner's manual.

*Mackie SRM-150 - watt PA / Monitor

*BBE Two-Timer (Boss DM-3 ANALOG Clone, with 2 time settings!), with DC transformer

*Calrad DM-8 "GTO-front" dynamic wand-style, high-impedance mic, with STANDARD-sized amphenol, screw-on connector and cord. (many of these D-series have that MINI-amphenol


*(2) Monster cables


I'll give it a couple days before listing it (or changing my mind!) because it is an awesome rig!

VERY easy on the back, for all you aging harpers! (who isn't?)


I have some pretty good settings indicated, although your mileage may vary!


Please contact me off-list to discuss details, and etc.!  I need to pay bills and I guess will just use my Audix through the board for awhile ...  


Peace, Love and EASY REEDING!



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