[Harp-L] Super Sonny/Cruncher offer

Last night I went to hear Sugar Ray at Chan's in Woonsocket, R.I., which  
was the first club he has played with his now Super Sonny. Ray, his band,  
followers of Ray for over 20 years all stated this was the best sound they had 
 ever heard or felt. Huge full tone, along with crispness; ace drummer Neil 
 Gouvin gave me the thumbs up as he felt the power being channeled forward 
in a  full package, as he stated he always been blasted no matter what amp 
with the  back flash of air and volume from all previous amps, 410 included, 
which I have  taken care of. Existing 410 owners please contact me for 
details of design  modification. Everyone who has done the modification, all 
loved it stock, are  thrilled. Earlier breakup but not to the point of all  
breakup, tighter bottom end, sensitivity to the touch along  with maintaining 
hot crisp note. 
I will have video and audio once we edit it, Ray was just on fire feeling  
every note he played. His version of Rocker will back up my add, I certainly 
 cannot perform this or demonstrate it any better than it was. We did play 
a few  numbers together, I will post one.
LIMITED SALE: $100 off each amplifier base price. 
For the first 25 stock Super Sonny owners, $1995.00  ($2100 is regular  
price): Documentation of serial number will be included along with the  
comprehensive, color illustrated 12 page manual. 
No extension cab needed for either amplifier.
Mark Hummel is using his Cruncher at most performances now with  no mic or 
line out. Ray had all the volume he needed and was mic'd in the house,  as 
the other band members were, and still had room to move. *** 22  amps left at 
this sale price. 
Limited sale on the next 25 Crunchers: $1595.00   see  bottom for included 
items. ***20 left at sale price. 
Lead times are Usually within 3 - 4 days of receiving payment. 
***Custom mic sale to SJ amp customers. Only the hottest vintage CR or CM  
elements, supercharged by Chuck Gurney if needed in Turner custom shells 
with  indented volume pots. When you contact me about an amplifier I can  
explain price, options. 
In keeping with other companies, padded Tuki cover and shipping extra. 
Custom boxes with handle grips, blown foam are standard packing  
procedures. I have shipped my amps with this unique handle grip custom box  worldwide, 
making it easier for shipping company employee to grasp and pick up  
amplifier package; not roll it, chest high it, or probably drop it. 
****Included is the extra package of 1 or 2 extra preamp tubes, 1 x SS, 2 x 
 Cruncher. All my customers over 17 years have understood why this is 
needed  to keep the purity of tone in our amps, working with each customer's 
personal  taste, cupping ability, various mics, room situations. No need to 
frequently  change, once you are locked in, consistency in every situation you 
**Patch cable to bridge channels for steroid effect.
**Protected with plastic cover front and back, thick cover stock  paper, 
bound full 10 - 12 page manual.
**Fat crystal/ceramic mic input stock;
**True speaker sounding line out, keeping speakers active.
** Proprietary beautifully tinted with protective mirror like  glass finish 
**As always, Garelite circuit board, NOS PIO capacitors in tone circuit (  
still the only builder in the world using these warm tone happy capacitors  
No extra charge for European 240V transformer and wall plug adapter for any 
 country. There really is no need for extra charge is one understands how 
to  have their power transformers built. 
Sale ends once orders are filled. Check for lead times, any other  
See _www.sonnyjr.com_ (http://www.sonnyjr.com)      Site  is in the process 
of being updated, however is still active. 
Thank you. SJ
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