[Harp-L] Kitt Gamble and Lee Oskar

After listening to Lee's recording of "Lee Oskar Plays Beautiful Melodies", I tried to get the notes that Lee did out of my diatonic. It was the quest that eventually lead me to Howard Levy and learning OB's. However, at the time, I just heard "missing notes" played really beautifully on the diatonic by Lee. Frustrated, I called Lee Oskar enterprises and Kitt Gamble answered the phone.Â

Kitt spent some time talking to me about the fact that Lee gets those notes by using special tuned harmonicas, even sometimes switching harmonicas in the middle of a song. It was my understanding from this conversation that Kitt was the one who developed the tunings for Lee. I met and hung with Kitt a few times over the years (once at the legendary Howard Levy Augusta Heritage teaching week). He is a very good guy and wonderful harmonica player and I know that his contributions and playing have been somewhat overlooked by the community.

Kitt would be the kind of unsung hero that I would have brought to a SPAH as a performing artist.

The Iceman

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