RE: [Harp-L] Willie Dixon Controversy

Robertson and his band mates recite the story of meeting and playing
with an old blues harp player all night and drinking and him spitting
blood into  a can and so forth, and then later finding it was Sonny Boy
Williamson II (Rice Miller) in the movie The Last Waltz. I always held
it with a bit of skepticism though. Not that those boys didn't have a
lot of adventures. Read the bio and story of the band by Levon Helm,
fantastic read.


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There is such a story in the Deep Blues book, but Palmer was pretty
honest about citing legend as such and he too suggested that Robert
Junior was a little less than patient with lots of the legends that go
around, particularly those that connected him to Robert Johnson. (Harp
content?) There's a good "legend" in the Deep Blues book which places
Robbie Robertson and the band playing music with Rice Miller a few weeks
before he passed away in 1965. 
Brad Trainham

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