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Very much agree with James:
this is my YouTube comment:
"Very nicely played, Emile. Lovely sound. You're a man of many talents :) 
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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2008 10:43:50 -0500
From: "James  Sterett" <jsterett@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Mozart
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Right on,  Diggs.  Delicate and lovely.  nice  touch.


>>> Emile  Damico <oatss_oatflakes@xxxxxxxxx> 11/28/08 6:01 PM >>>
I'm  not by any means a classical harmonica player but it's fun to play some 
of that  stuff.
Here's a piece it's not perfect but it has it's moments. The best  thing is 
I've finally gotten
the two finger hand vibrato to sing. This a Cham  ber and Robert B thing.

Enjoy it for what it  is.


....I wish more people here would post their own video or audio  clips.  I 
find actual harmonica music, harmonica tutorials and  harmonica tweaking much 
more interesting topics of conversation than the  standard gear talk, and am 
always fascinated to hear other's progress. 'Gear' is  mildly interesting, but 
music is much more the reason I'm here.
Couple of pieces I re-visited yesterday:  Brendan Power playing The  Coolin 
from his Lament for the 21st Century CD...(and the title track...which is  
absolutely brilliant and innovative whether it's to your taste or not, is  
accessible at the same site)....had to have another listen to James Conway doing  
that bagpipe drone on two harps with his throat..and Joe Filisko paying homage  
to DeFord Bailey.
...what stands out for me with all three of these wonderful players is the  
complete lack of 'fussiness' overt hand fluttering, showmanship, 
etc...just  pure, stripped down and nakedly beautiful acoustic playing:
Brendan Power: The Coolin
James Conway: Bagpipe Drone
Joe Filisko

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