Re: [Harp-L] small amp

Well, it isn't a small amp....
But for 25 years I used a "solid state" Vox Supreme" labeled as 200 watt...  
But really it was 100 watt RMS through two 2 x 12" Selmer Bassman  Cab  
(fitted with genuine VOX speaker cloth)... Gave a GREAT sound. Built in  "reverb", 
"wah" and "fuzz"... (foot switchable) All from 40 years ago!
I simply got tired of carrying so much gear...
These days I use a battery powered "Pig Nose" solid state amp for  recording, 
it sounds reay "tube"! Or I use a Fender valve "Blues  Deluxe" from the 
1990's.. for stage work. It's only rated at 40 watts, but I  rarely set the volume 
more than "3".. It is really loud! I actually have 2 of  them, and I daisy 
chain them together, if I need more power and there isn't a  "sound man"with a 
decent PA.
Perhaps I should fit different tubes (valves), in the Fender amp, to  make it 
better for harp?
Best wishes
John Whiteboy Walden

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