[Harp-L] small amp

I have used,and continue to use,a Fender Bronco. I bought it from Musicians Friend in 2001.
 It is a limited edition tow-tone blond tolex model. Special 8" speaker,line-out,overdrive and headphone
jacks. I use this amp for jamming,and have used it when I do my acoustic duo. I also used this amp in the studio for 2cd's. 
 I use a JT-30 mic with a 101 crystal,a black astatic with a 99B shure cm element,running through
a Boss Digital Delay with reverb. 
  I have had numerous compliments on this amp,even using it un-miced at blues jams. People are amazed at the sound this little amp cranks out. I usually set the volume around 4, treble and middle at 3,and bass at 12.
 It is solid state,but it sure has a tube-amp sound to it. 

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