Re: [Harp-L] Run-Around Advice

Popper's harmonica playing is more of a style than musical - (IMO) - lots  of 
notes and fast runs. I am confident that he did not sit down and work out  
melodic lines, but worked the harmonica for the note sequences built in - more  
harmonicky. I hear fast breathing patterns and sequences, movement of the  
harmonica to coordinate w/breathing patterns, etc.
It sounds to me like one pretty good harmonica idea played over and over  in 
most of his songs. In other words, you could cut and paste one solo from one  
song into another and there wouldn't be that much of a difference.
This is not to say that John can play other styles when he wants to -  
melodic, slow blues, etc. I feel that he is relying on his one approach, which  does 
resonate with today's youth, MTV, video, short attention span  society.
For your solo, you don't need to transcribe his notes. Just practice fast  
breathing patterns and movements on the harmonica until it sounds reasonably  
like this stylistic practice and most won't know the difference.

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