Re: [Harp-L] Run-Around Advice

Bill Hines wrote:
<I've been playing this pretty much straight up acoustic to learn
<it and to practice this week will transition to using a mic and RP200
<with Richard Hunter's patch set, which I will use for the gig. Any
<suggestions as to which Hunter patch would be best for this, or what
<effects would be appropriate for this particular tune?

Bill, depends on whether you want an obviously "effected" tone.  Popper plays it pretty clean, with just a little bit of amp distortion.  One of the "clean" amp model patches should work fine, or the BlkSlp (blackface amp, slapback delay) patch.  

Because there are so many notes, I would definitely avoid lots of either reverb or delay--the whole thing will get very mushy if you use too much of either.  A short slapback delay (100 milliseconds or less with a single repeat) might work, but be careful not to use so much delay that the fast rhythms get sloppy.

The only other effect I'd consider would be the Detune effect, with detune set to a low level to fatten the sound without drawing attention to itself.

On the other hand, if you want something outrageously different from the orginal, try the Twd-8 or Cln-8 patches, with the pedal all the way down to maximize the lower octave effect.

good luck and Regards, Richard Hunter
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