Re: [Harp-L] Blues in Pittsburgh 12/5 through 12/7

Thanks a bunch Bill. We'll be pulling in on Friday so I'll check the boxes ASAP.
The blues society also sounds like a great resource.


When I'm in P'burgh I always try to find a copy of the City Paper, which
is the local entertainment/happenings free paper. It's in newpaper boxes
all around the city on the streets and in the restaurants, and I think
it comes out on Thursdays, but the boxes are normally empty not long
after the paper is distributed. In that case go on their website or just
scrounge around.

In particular, there are normally jams and blues acts at Moondog's, a
club in Blawnox (about 15-20 minutes outside Pittsburgh), or in
Pittsburgh at Thunderbird or some other places downtown. On the other
side of the river is a place up on Mt Washington, another club that
hosts a band named Willie Tri or something, he blows some pretty good
harp and it's a fun band.

Another good trick is to use the local blues society's web site to find
events/happenings/gigs. Google is your friend. A site that has
Pittsburgh listings is also but
don't count solely on that.


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I'm headed to Pittsburgh next weekend to watch my beloved Steelers host the cowboys. I'll be there all weekend soaking it up and would love to catch a good act or 2 while in town. A good blues jam would be nice too. Anyone know of anything happening ???

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