[Harp-L] Run-Around Advice

The band I occasionally play with wants me to do a new song in their gig
next week - Blues Traveler's Run-Around. I've been working at this and
have it all down pretty well except that run in the big/middle solo. I
have the first part of that solo down, it's just when he blazes into it
that I get lost (2:30 to about 2:46 time signature).  I finally found a
copy of Winslow's transcription and that helps somewhat, but it's so
freaking fast that even Amazing Slow-Downer and Bend-O-Meter (my two
power tools for breaking down and learning recorded stuff) don't help

So, any help for learning how to play this sort of thing, to get the
inflection and speed correct, would help. I have a hard week of practice
ahead of me. My backup plan is to substitute something that fits and is
playable for my skill level in that part (any suggestions - youtube,
mp3s of your ideas?). Of course we'll do a run through at practice/sound
check earlier in the day before trying this in front of "real people".
It's just a charity gig so no biggie if it isn't perfect the first time

Also, I've been playing this pretty much straight up acoustic to learn
it and to practice this week will transition to using a mic and RP200
with Richard Hunter's patch set, which I will use for the gig. Any
suggestions as to which Hunter patch would be best for this, or what
effects would be appropriate for this particular tune?

Thanks a bunch in advance,


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