[Harp-L] Line out and micing the 410

We have recently installed our unique line out system in the 410, which  
gives the most accurate speaker sound of any line out I have heard or my  
customers tell me they have. This will allow you to keep your amp at a good  strong 
level and hopefully your band will stay in tune with that. You all know  my 
theory of extra loud on stage amps. This comes from my experience of  fronting my 
own band for 10 years, and being in another band for 15 years;  I too have 
lived through so many gigs I don't know a note I played as when I  turned up, so 
did guitar and bass. My sale will be ending soon, I suggest you  get your 
orders in. I did try a single 15" in R & D on the Cruncher, but  this 3 speaker 
blend can push twice as much air and has a quality all its own. 
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