[Harp-L] Subject: Re: My way to research the history of a harmonica and/or the harmonica

Well don't judge by other folks who may be here because 90% of their  
interest is amps/gears talk only ....there ARE some of us who find the  history and 
research of the harmonica itself fascinating.  I read  every word of your posts 
and watch your videos with great interest...i simply  wasn't able to respond 
to every post i wished to...since i'm currently in the  throes of recovery 
from surgery/heavy duty therapy every other day,  which limits me to typing only 
occasionally here and there (depending on my  pain level)...and if I've used 
up my one or two posts a day energy.....
...since you'd specified it was for the archives I hadn't realized you  might 
prefer a response....mea culpa.  I knew I couldn't write back to  that 
post....but definitely enjoyed reading it, as I do all your  speculation/deductive 
reasoning about the names, origins of the  people/harmonica companies, etc.  
Please keep it up, Dave...I'd be  bored to tears if the list devolved into a 
purely amp/gear list.  There has  to be something 'else' for the rest of us.
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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 17:59:27 -0800 (PST)
From: David  Payne <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Harp-L] My way to  research the history of a harmonica
and/or the     harmonica in general
To: Harp L Harp L <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx>

This  does bring up a point of why I am getting reluctant to post things on 
Harp-L,  which I imagine brings cheers from some. That was a very long post I 
typed,  mostly for the archives, so if somebody wants to start learning about  
harp history, they can have somewhere to start. It was about how you can look 
at  a box and understand the manufacturers targeted audience, etc. and look at 
 patents to determine what they had in mind with the designs. 
That post lay  fallow since Nov. 12. That's OK. It was meant for the 
archives. But then, weeks  later, it resurfaces with one line picked out of it to say 
"Wait a minute,  you can wash the entire Hohner line except the Marine Band 
and Blues  Harp."  The washable lines I wrote were to say that it was a point  
Magnus was using as a selling point.

Both the 1847 Silver and Mangus  are/were advertised as washable. Do the Big 
River, Special 20, Golden  Melody, etc. have rivets that will corrode if you 
leave them in a water bath?  Yes, they all do. That's why they aren't 
advertised as washable. But  you can wash whatever you want. I've washed plenty of 
Marine Bands in my  day.
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River  Harmonicas

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