Re: [Harp-L] Small Fender Amp

I own one of these - have had it for 20 yrs or so. Bought it new when I was  
a full time piano tech and used it as an aid in tuning Yamaha CP-70's and 80's 
 back in the day. I used it for harmonica, too. Got a very good crunchy tone, 
but  it couldn't handle a group situation w/out serious mic'ing. I used it 
more for  fun practice. It is worth the $25.
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mil-bil@xxxxxxx writes:

Hi  Harpers  --  Found a small amp (12" high, by 13" by 6" deep) ( 13  lbs.)  
Fender 38 Watt. "SideKick 15" 

Has an 8" Fender  Speaker  (Open back, no tubes. metal corners) Used, but 
looks  new.

One " mic in " -- Vol  -- Gain  --  Treble   --  Middle  -- Bass    (Know it 

I can have  it for $25.00 Canadian.   Would YOU buy it ?  Thanks,   BG

Is it possible to get a 'splitter' to run a second mic into the one  mic 
jack?  Or would that compromise the circuitry  ?
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