Re: [Harp-L] Small Fender Amp

Well... Have you played through this amp with your mic?  If it sounds good
to you, then it is a good deal.

Tom Feldmann plays the Sidekick 10 with a Mouse amp in this Harpsucker

Would *I* buy the amp?  Maybe.  I bought a small used Danelectro solid state
amp for $10 just out of curiosity, and promptly gave it away to a beginning
guitar player after trying it once.  It was dreadful for the kind of music I
play (amplified blues harp) but the little Sidekick 15 may be suitable to
your ear and your style.

This amp produces 15 watts of music power on a good day, not 38 watts.  It
consumes 38 watts of electrical power; They are two very different things,
but are quite ambiguous and confusing.  Some unscrupulous amp sellers point
to the electrical consumption printed on the back of the amp (by law) and
claim it represents the RMS power of the amp.  It doesn't.  A small 15-watt
solid state amp would have a very hard time keeping up with the other
instruments in any ensemble situation.  This amp might be suitable only for

Small inexpensive solid state guitar amps are often quite shrill when used
for harmonica, particularly if you play through a high output bullet-type
microphone.  They are prone to feedback and often produce very poor tone.

Having said all that, there are some small solid state amps I really like
for harp, particularly the Roland Cube 30 and Roland Microcube.  The Vox
Pathfinder 15R is also quite good.

As I said, try the amp and decide for yourself if it sounds good.  Twenty
Five dollars is a fair price.  But I would encourage you to save your money
and purchase a more capable amp, no matter what style you play.

-Rick Davis
The Blues Harp Amps Blog

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 7:10 PM, Wm.Galley <mil-bil@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Harpers  --  Found a small amp (12" high, by 13" by 6" deep) ( 13 lbs.)
>  Fender 38 Watt. "SideKick 15"
>  Has an 8" Fender Speaker  (Open back, no tubes. metal corners) Used, but
> looks new.
> One " mic in " -- Vol  -- Gain  --  Treble  --  Middle  -- Bass    (Know it
> works)
> I can have it for $25.00 Canadian.   Would YOU buy it ?  Thanks,  BG
> Is it possible to get a 'splitter' to run a second mic into the one mic
> jack?  Or would that compromise the circuitry ?
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