Re: [Harp-L] My way to research the history of a harmonica and/or the harmonica in general

Hey Dave,

Don't sweat the small stuff!  I for one respect my intruments and try
brush my teeth and stick with water.  As evidenced by the posts, harps
have become more costly.  Yes,  I do have those older harps I am less
considerate over,  they are old because I took care of them!

Gary C

On 11/29/08, David Payne <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This does bring up a point of why I am getting reluctant to post things on
> Harp-L, which I imagine brings cheers from some. That was a very long post I
> typed, mostly for the archives, so if somebody wants to start learning about
> harp history, they can have somewhere to start. It was about how you can
> look at a box and understand the manufacturers targeted audience, etc. and
> look at patents to determine what they had in mind with the designs.
> That post lay fallow since Nov. 12. That's OK. It was meant for the
> archives. But then, weeks later, it resurfaces with one line picked out of
> it to say "Wait a minute, you can wash the entire Hohner line except the
> Marine Band and Blues Harp."  The washable lines I wrote were to say that it
> was a point Magnus was using as a selling point.
> Both the 1847 Silver and Mangus are/were advertised as washable. Do the Big
> River, Special 20, Golden Melody, etc. have rivets that will corrode if you
> leave them in a water bath? Yes, they all do. That's why
> they aren't advertised as washable. But you can wash whatever you want. I've
> washed plenty of Marine Bands in my day.
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>> What is valuable info on this piece are three words on the front. "DURABLE
>> – WASHABLE – EASY TO PLAY" (other side "Easy on the Lips-Sanitary") that
>> sums up Magnus' main selling points.
>> There always may be others of anything, but the next truly washable harp I
>> know of is the Seydel 1847 Silver of 2008.
> Washable in what sense?  Advertised as washable?  I can think of a
> number of Hohners that would do just fine being washed.  The Big Rivers,
> Special 20, Golden Melody, CBH 2016 and the 2012, maybe a Chrometta, the
> modern Blues Harp, the Hot Metal, the modern  Old Stand By.  You must
> mean advertised as washable.  Here's Seydel's copy on that,
>> Please clean your harmonicas only as often as needed!! - the 1847 SILVER
>> is "dishwasher-proof". Please do not add any aggressive cleaning agents or
>> tablets which could effect the reed plates. The shorter the treatment the
>> better. Let the instrument dry our properly after the treatment.
> Oops, forgot the Meisterklasse both versions.  Those are just the
> Hohners.  Lots of plastic combed harmonicas made by other manufacturers
> would fair pretty well in water.  fjm
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