Re: [Harp-L] My way to research the history of a harmonica and/or the harmonica in general

What is valuable info on this piece are three words on the front. âDURABLE â WASHABLE â EASY TO PLAYâ (other side âEasy on the Lips-Sanitaryâ) that sums up Magnus' main selling points.
There always may be others of anything, but the next truly washable harp I know of is the Seydel 1847 Silver of 2008.

Washable in what sense? Advertised as washable? I can think of a number of Hohners that would do just fine being washed. The Big Rivers, Special 20, Golden Melody, CBH 2016 and the 2012, maybe a Chrometta, the modern Blues Harp, the Hot Metal, the modern Old Stand By. You must mean advertised as washable. Here's Seydel's copy on that,

Please clean your harmonicas only as often as needed!! - the 1847 SILVER is "dishwasher-proof". Please do not add any aggressive cleaning agents or tablets which could effect the reed plates. The shorter the treatment the better. Let the instrument dry our properly after the treatment.

Oops, forgot the Meisterklasse both versions. Those are just the Hohners. Lots of plastic combed harmonicas made by other manufacturers would fair pretty well in water. fjm

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