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Hi!!!Lets keep on with the Willy's thing!!!!
Last month when we was touring Mexico,they gave me a book about the history of Mexican blues(byArturo Olvera).....there is a chapter where it says that Willy Dixon,when he played in Arena Mexico(the Meca ofMexican boxing and Lucha!) in the 80s,when he was in the locker room ,he started to cry,because he "suddenly"remembered that he was there,long time ago,when he was a boxer himself.......some days later,i met Raul de La Rosa,who was the organizer of that event at that time....and he told me it was just a legend...................and i said..."well,i loved it!",the blues is full of them,and they all contain something,most of the times you can learn from them,or at least realize how was that era.................and they all so much fun to hear or read....what would be the blues without thouse legends......i mean its pathethic when somebody believe them so much,and even try to emulate them,but like he said"thats why they are legends,and not facts"
theres a nice actual movie called " be kind ,rewind"it talks about this things.......great movie!
I dont know if Willy was really fighting in arena Mexico,what its for shure is that he was a boxer in his younger days,and probably he fought sometime somewhere in a very similar arena  in Mexico.......Legends always contain at least a little part of truth!

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