[Harp-L] sonny jr.amplifiers

i recently purchased a sonny jr.4-10 amplifier and used it for the first time last night(nov.28th) at gil reins house of blues in worcester mass.to a packed house of blues lovers.i have had so many different harp amps over the years that could have bought a new house with the money i spent on them.old fenders-hollands- harp kings-and many others.they were all great amps and i loved playing all of them but when it comes to monster tone(which i live for)this one surpasses everything i i hoped for.i run it with a danelectro delay pedal and a kinder antifeedback box that gives it a little extra bite.it masters the highs-lows-mids and gives an extremely warm flavor for chromatic playing.i highly recommend this amp to anyone who plays serious harmonica,or those who want to.i am actually thinking of purchasing one of his smaller amps to play in smaller clubs.they are both well worth the money-mike crandall-mike crandall blues band

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