Re: [Harp-L] New addition to the Meteor amp's family

I remember that Alamo well. If I remember correctly I talked you out of buying a Meteor because that amp sounded great. She just needed
a tweak of the knobs here and there ; - )

As for the details.... Like the regular Mini you have the option of 6V6's or 6L6's for 20 or 30 watt's. As for options, it's really in the same realm
of both other Meteors. The big difference would be the 15 in it. The actual circuit is the same as the Mini with a couple minor changes to accomondate
the 15" speaker. It's about 2" taller than the Mini but the same size otherwise. I originally tried a few different alnico 15's but settled on a ceramic. I'm not
typically a ceramic speaker fan but the punch and clarity is incredible.


Hey Scooter,

Congratulations on the new amp! Very exciting indeed! I am using a 35 watt amp vintage Alamo amp with a single 15" speaker that I love (I think you heard it at SPAH in Denver a couple of years ago... thanks for the patch-chord crossover tip, btw). I love the huge bottom end, the nasty tone and the paradoxically crisp mids.

Tell us a little more about this new rig of yours. How many watts? What types of options are you building into it? Is the speaker an AlNiCo? Weber?

Make me drool, bro. Make me drool. :-)
Harpin' in Colorado,
--Ken M.

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Hi all. I'm glad to announce that I've finally finished the new "Mini-15" Meteor amp. This one's very similar to the Mini-Meat but with a single
15" speaker. The cab is about 2" taller than the Mini and the circuit has some minor changes to accomondate the spectrum of the 15.
I've been working on this amp for about 8 month's now and I'm very happy to say that it's a monster. The bottom end is HUGE as is it's available
volume and it's ability to maintain it's crispness while still having a great amount of compression and overdrive. I'm hopeing to get this amp as well as
the mini on my web page soon as well as make a few needed changes. In the meantime please feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them as
quickly as I can.

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