Hi guys,

I hope you're fine in your week end.
For the one who cares I just to give you some update on my music life.
I've met Ben Bouman in Holland last week and I'm lucky enough to say that I've a brand new Beta-Harps in C (customized Seydel Silver from the conceptor of the thing). You can grab one of these diamonds (literraly) here:

http://www.beta-harps.com, say that Christelle is sending you.

And WOW! I've tried and put online the TAKE FIVE song (Paul Desmond/ Brubeck), and everything is so easy to get and to play. If you want to listen this jewel go here:


You'll never regret every single penny/euro that you'll invest in these ladies
In addition I've to say for the ones who were not aware of that, JASON RICCI has a new CD out for a couple of months now " ROCKET NUMBER 9" that you can buy here:


This is just a few dollars, and this just like buying one of Little Walter's album, from a living legend as Jason he's.
Love, peace and tenderness from France


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