[Harp-L] re: Jean jacques milteau playing overblows???

JJM is surely no stranger to OB:s, but I do not hear it frequently on his records. On "It´s a man´s ..." he appears to be switching btw G, C and high G harmonicas and I suppose that note you´re referring to is when he bends on 4 D on the C harp.
 But I was never the undisputed maestro of harmonica analyses, so there may very well be more to it than that.
From: victorio montes silva <silvaharp@xxxxxxxxxxx>
listening to the theme It's A Man's Man's Man's World of jean jacques milteau, cd`s "fragile", I hear that the item is in the tone of Dm, uses a harmonica in G,but notes that there is no achievement to find,I feel such a sharp bending on channel 5,and it seems to me to hear a overblow on Channel 6,Does anyone know if Milteau uses overs?, or maybe this using a special tunning.

any help is welcome.

Victorio Montes Silva 
04455 1681-5162 

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