Re: [Harp-L] Borrah Minevitch Info - as Published by Variety Legitimate of 1925

Danny, that's so awesome, thank you so much for posting that. I'm filing that for future reference. He's such an interesting guy, had so much to do with pushing the limits of the harmonica, making it what it is today.ÂAnd yet,ÂBorrah was such a prick.

I've got one of his 10-hole Richter chromatics suped up. No windsavers, but I've worked on it enough that it's playable. Wasn't before. 
I'd love to know what kind of harps those chromaticÂguys were playing on stage. 

Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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Variety â Legitimate â January 28, 1925

Borrah Minevitch â What Paderewski is to the piano, Kreisler to the 
violin, and Lopez is to jazz, Borrah Minnevitch is to the Harmonica.

Featured soloist with Vincent Lopez in the concert at the Metropolitan 
Opera House.

Now featured in Elsie Janisâ âPuzzles of 1925.â


Variety â Legitimate â February 4, 1925


Review in two acts produced Charles Dillingham at the Fulton Feb 2: 
material and numbers by Elsie Janis, Blanch Merrill, Bert Kalmar, Harry 
Ruby, Vincent Scotto.
Musical numbers staged by Julian Alfred. Elsie Janis starred with Jimmy 
Hussey featured, supported by Helen Broderick, Lester Crawford, the 
Commanders, Dorothy Appelby, Walter Pidgeon, OâDonnell, Blair and Co., 
DeHaven and Nice, Janet Stone, Shirley Vernon, Cyril Ritchard, Edward 
Hickey, Irma and Dorothy Irving, Cortez and Peggy, Georgie Hale, William 
Holbrook and Borrah Minnevitch.

A surprise score in the first act was annexed by Borrah Minnevitch, a 
harmonica virtuoso; in fact this youngster was the first hit of the 
evening. Minnevitch has been something of a novelty around the picture 
houses and was groomed by Hugo Riesenfeld. He scored recently at a 
Vincent Lopez concert. Minnevitch coaxes real music from his 
mouth-organ, and he was called on before the curtains for encore.

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