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I heard Pierre in Cortland, NY at Lucky's a few weeks ago.  I have to confess, I was one of those drooling over the tone.  Pierre is a great player, but the Cruncher really complimented his playing that night.  It really sounded excellent!

Bernie Clarke

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I think having a pro give a review gives it a bit more reality. Here is  
Pierre's of Mississippi Heat on the Cruncher. Guys talk of having such loud  amps, 
my goal was to keep the blues Right, so the louder your amp is on stage  the 
louder your band will be and dynamics go out the window. Here is Pierre. 
I  have been playing with the CRUNCHER for a couple of months now. I took it 
on the  road to places like Buffalo, NY; Mishawaka, IN; and Lawrenceville,  
PA; as well as within the Chicago area where my band  hails from. Everywhere I 
perform, I meet harp players drooling about the tone I  get out of that 
wonderful amplifier. Even my band mates have commented on how  awesome the CRUNCHER 
sounds. While I have always enjoyed playing through my  Fender Bassman and 
Fender Super-Reverb amplifiers in the past, I must say that  the CRUNCHER brings 
on an even sweeter dimension. 
You  get an amp that sounds like it came out from the 1950ïsï.warm and fat 
tone even  at the lowest of volumes. I get virtually NO feedback to speak of. 
Even when  adding reverb and delay. This amp has a unique LINE-OUT option which 
can be  connected directly to a PA system. This amplification process remains 
faithful  to the actual speakers output! I have tried Line-Outs from other 
amps before ï  especially the Fender Super Champ (from the early 1980ïs) ï and 
I repeatedly  noticed that the harp tone and overall tube sounds were never 
faithfully  duplicated. Not true with the CRUNCHER. It is simply an amazing 
I  have found THE ultimate and most versatile amplifier. Never thought I 
would ever  find one that could recreate Little Walter sounds. Yet here it is. I 
recommend  it without reservation. ""
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