[Harp-L] In remembrance........

Well our trio is now a duo and that isn't good. If you care to please visit the 
Broadjam site below for a little more information and couple of tunes to listen
to back when we even had a bass player. Hey Bop was an original by our 
lead guitarist.




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  If I recall correctly Jim was on harp-l pretty much from day 1.  What I 
  will always remember is the server he wrote from.  @aluminum.com or was 
  it edu?  Let's just hope we don't drive you away again with all of our 
  self obsessed absorbed drivel.  Anyhow nice to see you're alive and 
  well.  fjm

  Thanks. It was a while back and it was "edu". Hugh Messenger was still 
  around. I remember joining the "friends" and "helpers" groups I think. In 
  the years since then I actually played out a bit in a 5 piece band; had 6 
  notes in a commercial jingled played on the local radio a few times; played 
  on the town square at noon once, but am still basically a bit of a hack ......
  doing what else?? Rippin' Off  the Masters! Yowser! I do love this 
  instrument though!  We'll see how our new trio does in the near future. 
  We're playing some local parties..... One member of the old band is 
  playing the Slippery Noodle in Indy and two of us are still playing on 
  people's "decks"! But we all have fun and that is the main, if not only, 
  reason I enjoy trying to make, create, or copy music.


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