[Harp-L] Need advice on custom harp repair etc

Mike wrote:  I need to find someone?who can take the guts from one JT-30 and install in 
another JT-30 and also do a custom paint job (not just the shell color, but maybe lettering) and maybe add a volume control.? The
mic in question is VERY valuable to me so I need someone super reliable and 

Here? is a list that i saved, based on past Harp-L advice from some well respected Harp-L members:

1.?Greg Heumann of www.blowsmeaway.com in San Francisco.?

2.?Dirty Dan's Mics?(http://www.dirtydansmics.com/) - Dan 

3. Steve @ thunderharpmics.com 

4. Dennis Oellig/ Mr. Microphone

5. Chuck Gurney;330 Hollis Road;Ellenboro, NC 28040 -- cgurney@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 

6. Gib? - website is: http://www.west-techservices.com?; ?? 
Click on?microphone repair in the left side 


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