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Hole 1 Blow on a standard 12-hole C chromatic is the same note as Hole 1 blow on a standard C diatonic (Middle C in both cases).

Your Bb diatonic has two notes (B-natural and Bb) that fall below the range of the standard C chromatic.

C chromatics that go below middle C include a tenor C chromatic, a 12-hole harp tuned an octave lower than a C chromatic, a 14-hole C chromatic that goes down to G below middle C, or a 16-hole chromatic that combines the rnage of the tenor and standard C chromstics.


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Thanks a million to all that responded to my last question regarding chromatic.
I have one last question. I am trying to get a handle on the pitch of the C
Chromatic. How does it compare to the pitch of the C Diatonic? For instance, is
the pitch of the 1 blow on the Chromatic higher, lower, or the same as the pitch
of the 1 blow on the diatonic? The reason why I am asking is that I use a Bb
diatonic (2nd position) in a couple tunes I am now playing, which is lower
pitched than a C diatonic. Soooo...., if I start playing those songs on a C
chromatic, even on the lower end, is the sound going to be a higher pitch than
what I am playing right now? Not a huge deal, because most songs I use a C, Eb,
or F harp, but I am just curious. 
  Thanks again! Mike
Joe and Cass Leone <leone@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Nov 25, 2008, at 1:36 AM, Rick Dempster wrote:

> Joe;
> You write: "You only need to learn ONE octave. The other two
> (or 3) are mere duplications. "
> Ah yes; but what about the octaves D-D; E-E ; F-F etc. etc. 
> Crossing over octaves introduces a whole new set of patterns.
> RD
Now now Rick, we mustn't confuse our friend at this early stage. He 
will have trouble enough trying to figure out what I meant by 
waterfalls and stairsteps. lol


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