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Paul is spot on regarding Barrelhouse Chuck. I don't know how he manages to
fly under the radar but this guy is unarguably one of the best blues and
boogie piano masters on the planet. Superlatives like that sometimes tend to
be overstatements but in this case there's no way you can overstate Barrel's
talent and accomplishments. And more to the point, his support of harmonica
on his many recordings and live shows demonstrates his love and respect for
our instrument. On his recent CD "Got My Eyes On You" Kim Wilson is featured
prominently on nearly every track -- it's a must have for all KW fans. And
as Paul mentions, he's also all over the soon to be released sound
track from Cadillac Records.

Chuck is the kind of player who elevates everyone else who plays with him to
a whole other level. And yeah, he not only has a shrine to the Walters in
his house, he has a freakin' blues museum that has to be seen to be

Thanks for the kind words, Paul. It was great having you at the show the
other night.

tom albanese

On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Tall Paul <tallpaul14@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One guy I've gotten to know recently who definitely appreciates great harp
> players, and has a huge body of work (although not as easily accessible or
> popular as Johnny Winter) is Chicago blues piano man Barrelhouse Chuck.  I
> can't even start to list all the great blues musicians let alone harmonica
> players.  Check out his website and myspace and just look at his photo
> collection.  The guy has a shrine to Big Walter and Little Walter at his
> house and he isn't even a harp player.  He's playing most if not all the
> piano parts in the upcoming 'Cadillac Records' movie and tours regularly
> with Kim Wilson.  I just caught him playing with Harp-L'er Tom Albanese and
> his band Big G and the Real deal at one of the strangest bars I've ever been
> in.  I missed most of the show trying to find the place outside of Round
> Lake Beach, IL but it was worth the drive.  Chuck was amazing as was the
> whole band, and I can't say enough good things about the tasty playing Tom
> had
>  on display through his Meteor.  Way to go!
> Paul
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