Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic care (slide polishing)

Hi Josh,
Sounds like you are having a good time working on your harp.  It is generally recommended not to lube your slide.  I have found if I take the slide out, lay it on a piece of paper with the button hanging over the edge of a table, making sure as much as possible is laying flat on the table, I can then take my MAAS polish and shine it up real smooth.  I have done this on some pretty sticky slides.  They slide well dry but slide really nicely after your breath gets them a little wet while playing.  Adding any sort of oil, wax, or any other slick stuff will cause dirt to stick to the slide and make it sticky.  You also run the risk of getting bad stuff on your reeds.  Not good. Definitely get that metal polish completely off before you play it.  Have fun.


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