[Harp-L] "melody-minor" tuning

The Lee Oskar 25th Anniversary CD is a great collection
of new and old tunes, but I hear some tunings NOT
listed on the liner notes. 
I hear what I'm calling the "melody-minor"
tuning...Melody-Maker + Draw 7 lowered to minor 3rd
interval. VERY tasty! (Draw 9 is standard diatonic
pitch, NOT raised, as in the Melody Maker.) 
Part of what makes Lee's soloing so interesting is the
ability to change modes (major and minor) within a
song, within a phrase, with one harp.
http://www.leeoskarproductions.com/ click audio/video
zone, Lee Oskar videos.

Robert Hale, "the Duke Of Wail"
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Gilbert, Arizona



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