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my 02 cents, 

slide usually doesn't need anything like oil, etc. (with high/perfect compatibility with the rest of the mouth piece mechanism). However, sometimes I use a bit of the "vaseline" oil. 


>>> "Joy King" <joyking1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 27/11/2008 17:19:50 >>>

Mom helps me but I have to type my own emails "for school".  It takes
forever!  I am allergic to Crest and turkey.  Mom reads all my emails first.
I get some crazy ones and I got blamed for giving the computer a virus.  I
did not know.

 Dad's helping me with the tools.  Marcus Milius shows me how to replace
reeds.  We had to do that to my Suzuki.  

Since everybody wants to poison me, just joking, Dad and I are going to use
Wright silver polish.  It has a blue lid. Mom cleans silver with it.  The
mouth part with the holes has the most tarnish and junk.  If that is a bad
thing please tell me now.

Does the slide need oil?  Dad thinks it does.



PS-Do you live in NJ Elizabeth?  I live there most of the year.

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yeah...I wasn't going to respond to this thread with my usual MAAS  polish 
info (it's a lot milder than most metal polishes), can be used on  any
gems, glass and ceramics, other musical instruments...I first bought  it out
Ohio at a Buckeye fest to clean my silver jewelry and then tried it on  my 
Super 64 and it was just brilliant, even removing tarnish from under the
and the reedplates of older harps too when I went on a cleaning  binge:
...but since I'd have to add the disclaimer of: cleaning off any trace of  
the polish with rubbing alcohol and then wiping down one more time with a  
dampened clean white cloth while responding to an 8-year old  -  although I
believe it's really Joy writing for Josh (or should be, anyway -  no 8 year
should be handling potentially poisonous materials without adult  
supervision)...I decided to sit it out until Rob's post.  
While I'll still keep using my favourite works on plastics and  
acrylics too so I can even use it for my CX-12's (although they don't
externally my theory is it might help prevent drying out of the plastic
since I'm a little harsh with my chroms, keeping them under a fairly strong

light for too long)...Ken's idea of the toothpaste is probably the best way
go for a child to clean his/her harmonica without adult 
involvement/supervision,  although from the reading I've done it should be
white toothpaste only  
(such as Colgate)...none with 'additives'. 

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