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Hi Dave, 

My greetings from the city of origin of Borrah (Kyiv, former Kiev, Ukraine, earlier referred to as Russian, but in reality it has always been Ukraine)!

Anyway, I'm also curious about Borrah's story - have read Kim Field's book and other info that actually characterizes him as a tiran, tough and self adoring guy. I was thinking of getting the Borra's thesis and even was recommended to turn for help to Art Daane from South Africa who reportedly has lot's of info about Borrah. I did so and Art asked to get back after a while, but during changing the working place and place of residence I got lost in communication and still have to write to Art. 

Once you discover smth interesing, please post it here or write off line. 



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Some may know by now I'm a big fan of Borrah.

Here's the account I of his death I came across today.... 
 " He worked intermittently as a movie producer, but died suddenly of a heart attack as he was driving alongside Lydia, his wife of three weeks. Years later, Lydia briefly and unsuccessfully attempted to revive the Rascals as a stage act. "

The version I'd always heard was he walked up on some dude sleeping with his wife, opened up a can on the guy and during the fight, he fell down the stairs and died. 

So, what happened? 
Only one thing is for sure, what we know about Borrah's life is shrouded in BS._________________________________
Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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