[Harp-L] A Damn Fine Heumann Being

Felt inspired to write a short paean to Greg Heumann. 
I've been using Greg's excellent volume controls for a couple of years,
my main ones being volume/impedance-converter units for the Fireball 1
mic (so I can use it with effects pedals). They have worked great but
both developed troubles after their guarantee was out; after the backup
unit stopped working I sent them back for repair, fully prepared to pay
the cost.
Typically, Greg saw this as a challenge to identify the problem
(transformer coming loose) and improve his product. I just got them back
in the post, fixed, modified so the problem won't repeat, and with no
charge. That's service!
I met Greg for the first time at SPAH after we worked together on a
small bespoke volume connector I wanted to try, and was impressed not
only with his obvious electrical knowledge and building skills, but also
with his enthusiasm for the harp and trying fresh ideas. His impressive
new SM57-JR model is the latest in a string of great harp mics to suit
every taste. 
We're lucky to have such a smart and warm Heumann being making such cool
stuff for the harmonica community. If you haven't already, check  Greg's
website:  <http://www.blowsmeaway.com/> http://www.blowsmeaway.com/

Brendan Power
WEBSITE:  <http://www.brendan-power.com/> http://www.brendan-power.com 
YOUTUBE:  <http://www.youtube.com/BrendanPowerMusic>


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