[Harp-L] Cow Cow Boogie

jazmaan wrote: I've always loved Dorothy Dandridge's soundie of "Cow Cow  
Boogie".....snip.....  Although the actor on screen seems to be playing  
diatonic, I'm not sure if it's really a diatonic or a chromatic in the  soundtrack.  
What do you think?  And if it is a diatonic, what  position is he playing?
_http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xovmaG9S0sQ_ (http://www
Thanks for that clip and the turnon to D D.  Yep, she was a looker  alright.  
No need for me to tell u that i thought the tone of the harp was  
unmistakably a chromatic -- Rob and Slim gave better evidence of that.
  I checked out her story on wikipedia.  Nervous breakdown at c.  age 37 and 
dead at 42 of an OD.  wow.
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