[Harp-L] Chromatic Care

Turtle wax is not polish, it is as the name says wax. It does not polish the surface and merely applies a layer of wax. Turtle wax is a terrible wax, it relies on heavy petroleum content to make cars shine. Talk to an avid old car restorer, they don't use Turtle wax. I'm with Winslow and Rob on this. I don't care what the data sheets say I don't want this in my mouth. The layer of wax is what makes it shiny, and no matter how hard you rub the wax is still there until you wash it off with a detergent such as simple green. If you did manage to rub it off it would no longer shine. Metal tarnishes or dulls due to the metal oxidizing. Polishing takes a very miniscule layer of the metal off exposing fresh metal that is not oxidized and is shiny. You can then wash the polishing compound off and it will be clean and shiny. The reason for waxing is to protect this layer of fresh metal from oxidizing. The purpose of wax is not to shine or polish but to protect the metal. You can get polishin
g compound at PEP Boys or any other automotive supply, get the white compound if you do, not the red. And now you have way more information than you could possibly care about polishing.

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