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Who said anything about poisonous? This isn't Brasso.In the Turtle Wax polishing compound, there is one material that needed to be declared, white petroleum oil, concentration one to three percent. Here's the OSHA Material Data Safety Sheet on Turtle Wax polishing compound.

Toothpaste itself has chemicals that are toxic when ingested, that's why you aren't supposed to swallow it. 

And we assume that one would clean off either substance, toothpaste or polishing compound. Neither should be eaten with a spoon or gobs inhaled into the lungs. 
So, you're cleaning this stuff off, not eating it. Cleaning a harp with this stuff, I think, would be less toxic than regular lip balm, but then again, I use organic lip balm (shameless plug for organic lip balm maker Eco-Lips, the owner of which posts on this board).

Here's the MSDS sheet on Turtle Wax wax. It has about 6 percent petroleum distillates.

I think use both these products I mentioned would be safer than the oil a lot of people put on their slides. _________________________________
Dave Payne Sr. 
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I have to second Rob on this one. Why put poisonous substances anywhere near your mouth? Mojo Red's toothpaste suggestion seems much safer - and you don't have to buy anything new.

Winslow Yerxa

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Turtle WaX & Metal Polish!!!!!

Don't we put these things in our MOUTHS !!!!!!!! ?????
Enlighten me....?

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> Oh, I forgot to answer that one. Turtle Wax and Turtle Wax Polish.
> polish first, then wax on, wax off. Seriously. Same thing pretty much as
> Randy's talking about. It works and it's not harsh.
>  _________________________________

> Im giving away one of my most coveted secrets here. ( just kidding, dont
> believe in em)
> Blue Magic metal polish. Almost any auto store has it. Dont need to buff

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