[Harp-L] Budda Harps


I received three Marine Band harps customized by Chris M. within two weeks of my e-mail order and paypal payment and I must say that each list member owes it to him/herself to buy and try a customized harp from Chris. The workmanship is top notch and the improvement in playability over stock MBs is like I was playing under water and now I am in clear blue crisp air.

I say this somewhat reluctantly because now IÂmust haveÂmore Budda harps and the word will get out and Chris will be overwhelmed with orders and on and on....... They are easier to sneek past the wife than a '59 Vibrolux though...



A sincere THANK YOU for the wonderful A, C & D Marine Band harps you customized for me. You clearly went over and above and I thank you for that. This is my 1st experience with other than out of the box harps (that I tinkered with the gaps on) after 35+ years playing harp and I must say I am thrilled with the results. Turn around time and prices were great!


Your attention to detail is outstanding and the resulting playability, tone, & clarity of the harps is like night & day as compared to stock harps. The âAâ harp in particular has already made a great impression â the high end blow bends are much easier to hit more precisely and lower end draw notes and chords are cleaner, in tune and louder. I am a very pleased customer. 

After being on Harp-LÂfor over a decade, Iâve read your 
posts and listened to your posted clips and watched your more recent YouTube material. Iâve never met you but Iâve found your on-line persona is usually provocatively on the edge, but the skill of your playing has always more than âbacked you upâ when it comes to harp matters. The skill you displayed in preparing my harps is further proof of your harp bona fides. 

The harps were a beyond-my-expectations home run!

Andy Vincent

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