[Harp-L] Re: Your First Chromatic Harmonica

Hello, Mike Meehan.
Start with purchasing only one chromatic in C, with 12 holes, and if you  
need more later,  buy more later.
Here are a few brands to consider before purchasing your first slide  
chromatic harmonica. These models are relatively low in price, but not cheap in  
materials or craftsmanship.These models are from companies with great customer  
C.A. Seydel Sohne (Seydel) makes the Chromatic Deluxe. It's probably lower  
in price than the CX-12, but it's a solid, dependable, beautiful sounding  
harmonica. It has a wood comb. Wood combs have a possibility of cracking after  
years of use, but the Seydel's comb is sealed with what looks like several  
layers of clear enamel. It's available in 12 major keys, or you may  custom-design 
your preferred note placement. Contact _www.seydelusa.com_ 
(http://www.seydelusa.com)  for more information. A  free catalog download is available.
Hohner CX-12 is a little more expensive than the Seydel (maybe $40-$50  
more), but it's easier to keep clean. It can be dis-assembled down to the reed  
plates in seconds. It's one-piece hard plastic cover and mouthpiece offers a  
more air tight, louder sound. It has a plastic comb that won't crack or peel.  
The CX-12 is vailable in 10 keys. Contact _www.hohnerusa.com_ 
(http://www.hohnerusa.com)  for more  information.
Huang offers a lower priced slide chromatic, the Huang Professional 1248,  
with a plastic comb. It's probably lower in price than the harps listed above.  
It's sound is very good, but in my opinion, it's not as well-made as the other 
 two. Huang harps may be found at internet harmonica retailers. I saw the 
Huang  chromatic listed at _www.coast2coastmusic.com_ 
(http://www.coast2coastmusic.com)  in the keys  of C, Bb, and A.
Some harmonica players use many chromatics in many keys. That's expensive,  
but it shortens practice time. It also provides more chords than are available  
on only one chromatic.
If you have only one slide chromatic, you'll need to learn all the keys on  
one chromatic. That's a longer process, but probably more beneficial, and  
certainly less expensive.
John Broecker
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