[Harp-L] Re: musicians handbook for gigs...

> randy singer wrote:
> <A few years ago a tree fell in the forest with no sound
> when I  
> <released my E-book entitled HARMONICA PLAYERS GUIDE TO
> <changed the title to a more general MUSICIANS HANDBOOK
> book but the  
> <intent and focus is for harmonica players. There was
> little response  
> <to my handbook back then from harp-L.

I would also like to chime in that this is an excellent source for anyone trying to make it in music and a lot of the info is about making it in life.  I found out about this free book from Randy himself when I met him at SPAH in Milwaukee 2007.  He practices what he preaches and since I met him I've found him to be a very positive, professional and encouraging person at all times.  Smo-Joe is right--tons of personality there!  Read his book, and buy some of his music or catch his gigs if you can.  I hope to see him at the next SPAH.



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