[Harp-L] Re: Reality Check - teaching

One time (and one time only) I gave a guy his first harmonica
lesson. He had a singing background and was quite talented.
He had the impression that harmonica is very hard to play. I 
told him he probably thought that because if you have the wrong
key for the song it IS very hard to play. I was playing a few 
songs for him -- playing along with mp3s on my computer. 
Marshall Tucker's Fire on the Mountain which he seemed to
like. So I gave him the harp and told him you can't hit a wrong
note. He just blew chords and waited for the song to come to
him. He was absolutely thrilled and started getting that rock
star attitude and thinking he was better than me (that's why it 
was his only lesson). Then he wanted to hit an individual note 
and started sucking on it like he was going to inhale the harmonica. 
The 2 draw started bending and was about to break so I told him 
not to worry about individual notes, they'll come by themselves. 

I hadn't been so angry in a long time. He didn't really have tone
but I could feel the potential. He was shaping the sounds with his
mouth. His attitude just really bent my reeds. 


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