[Harp-L] Robert Lucas, R.I.P.

I first met Robert Lucas (with Luke & the Locomotives) at a restaurant in Pasadena I think in the early 90's.  He was a hard working young guy with some mean harp and a great voice.  A kind fellow, relaxed and very accessible.  Over the years I would see him here and there, and always he played with big energy and style.  I was not surprised when he joined Canned Heat, I was very happy for his prospects.

About a year ago (less?) I ran into him as he sat in with with a small band in LA (don't remember the dive's name).  I didn't speak with him, beyond giving him a copy of Big City R&B mag.   He played and sang about as good as ever.  I wondered why he was no longer with Canned Heat.

Up and down, up and down, now he's feeling no pain.

Rest in Peace, brother Robert Lucas.

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