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here's the tools I've got from the set Seydel puts together.

Now, of those tools above, you only need the Pincers, screwdrivers, feeler gauges and tuning file, prior to when you start replacing reeds. You can pick up all that stuff elsewhere, the tuning file is simply what you'd call a jeweler's file. Smokey Joe can tell you about these popsicle sticks he makes that will take the place of the jeweler's file and it's a perfect 8-year-old project. You need the pincers to pull out nails and the feeler guages (you only use the thinnest in the set for this) to lay behind reeds as you tune them or whatever, or to plink reeds. The file is for tuning and removing burrs that make the reed hang up in the slot. 
You need various sandpapers. Wood glue. Superglue for windsavers.
You need a reed wrench to realign a misaligned reed. Bill Romel makes those. But you don't have to have one. I don't know what you're mom would think about these, you'd have to ask, but the best thing for realigning  a reed are papers people roll their own cigarettes with. She'd probably rather you have a reed wrench, but it's one example of common stuff that can be harmonica tools.

I've thought about making the following tool and selling it, but I've yet to discuss royalties with Rupert Oysler, lol. I call it the Rupert Oysler super duper reed massager. You make it from an old reedplate, cut it out with tinsnips and grind, file and polish it into shape. Rupert wields it in this video at 9:28 or so.



Dave Payne Sr. 
Elk River Harmonicas 

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Hi Everybody,

I want to polish my chromatic harmonica.  It has some tarnish.  What do I
use?  And, I want to make a tool kit for my harmonicas.  What should I put
in the kit?  Thanks!

Josh King

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