[Harp-L] Big Walter's mic history

My friend Sugar Ray Norcia had played extensively with Big Walter, and has  
the mic he used. He sent to mic guru Chuck Gurney and it was basically a green  
bullet with a 99B with resistor across. Chuck states he was able to make it a 
 monster, 99B's are usually not totally responsive in my experience. Most  
associate the big Argonne with BW, which is probably true, but this one is  
special for Sugar. Anyone needing a boost to their element should try Chuck  once, 
then you will find you will packing up all your CM and CR's. If he can't  
bring it up, he will tell you. He is the only one that touches my mics. That is  
why my mics in the Turner shells are top of the line, all due to Chuck. Sonny  
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