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I'm shocked and saddened.  While I only met Robert on one occasion, my
impression was that he was a gracious and enormously talented man.

I saw him perform at Martini Blues in Huntington Beach, California...I think
it was somewhere around 2003.  He played grass-roots blues on that guitar
with such ease and passion that I felt I was watching something truly
special.   Watching him play guitar, I had some delusions of sitting in on
harp...until I heard him play harp on the rack along with guitar;  there was
simply nothing I could possibly add to what he did.  His harp playing was
melodic, fluid and good as they come.

During a break, I introduced myself and told him how much I appreciated his
playing. He asked me if I played and showed genuine interest.  I always told
myself I'd have to catch him again.

My condolences to his family and friends.

- GB

On Mon, Nov 24, 2008 at 8:50 PM, Donnie MorTone <harp_boy@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Sad News Indeed...
> I got an email from Barry Levenson before I read it here...
> so I've been thinking allot about him all day.
> I first met Bob when he was still a teenager & was playing harmonica
> with The Bernie Pearl Blues Band around Long Beach CA in the early 80's.
> Through his association with Bernie he got to meet and play with many of
> the Great blues legends who were living in L.A. at that time. Joe Turner,
> Big Moma Thornton, Percy Mayfield, Pee Wee Crayton, Guitar Shorty,
> Lowell Fulson, George Smith, & many others. Those were good times,
> for any of us in that area who got the chance to mingle with our mentors.
> He went on to front his first band, The Confessors, in the mid 80's.
> Many of those musicians from that band would become life long friends
> of both Bob's and mine, Including the late great guitarist El Clounch.
> Robert started a healthy recording career as a solo artist with AudioQuest,
> and got some good worldwide exposure & gigs. He also played bottleneck
> slide on a national real well, as well as his great vocals & harp playing.
> Then he landed a gig as frontman for Canned Heat, which took him all
> over the world, and got him even more exposure.
> The sad thing for me is...I always felt that Bob embraced the negativity
> in life. He could laugh at lifes irony on the outside surface, but inside,
> he
> always felt slighted, the short end of the stick, & life just wasn't fair.
> I say this because of the hundreds of conversations I had with him over
> the years. There's nothing wrong with seeing life's irony, unless it truely
> eats you up inside. The abilty to see it, laugh at it, accept it, shake it
> off,
> will hopefully lead to survival and peace of mind & spirit. Many of you
> know what I'm saying...especially the ones who've been to the edge.
> The last time I saw Robert was at a blues jam in 2003 at Boomer's in
> the Long Beach Area. (Lakewood or Bellflower) We had a couple of beers
> at the bar and shot the shit, as we hadn't seen each other in about 8
> years.
> We were happy to see one another, and he seemed pretty jovial & in good
> spirits. But underneath was the same old Robert...and soon he was talking
> about all the "bad" stuff. I tried to stay positive & just let him
> vent...but
> it was the same old stuff that had been eating at him since I first met
> him.
> So what do we do? I stayed supportive, didn't confront him with himself,
> and tried to just change the subject and talk about music or wimmens ;))
> Anyway...we went up on the stage that night and got to play together for
> the last time. Trading harps & trading vocals...and it was a blast.
> That's the Robert I always remember as being the happiest and the purest...
> when he was performing. I'll always remember him in that way. But the
> sadness in knowing how tormented he was inside will also remain.
> That was Bob, God Bless him.
> I wasn't around him the past 5 years, but had heard thru the vine from
> those that knew him well, that he was having the same old problems.
> I prayed that he'd survive it...and pass through the darkness.
> He was good cat, a fantastic & gifted musician, & my heart is heavy.
> I truely wish he could have, would have, survived his inner demons.
> I hope no one finds offense at anything I say.
> I knew him for a long long time...and I'm just sharing my feelings.
> He's not the 1st of a long line of friends to go this way...
> nor as a musician. He won't be the last either. Sad as that sounds.
> My condolences to his fans, friends, family...
> I'll always remember my blues buddie Bob...
> Rest in Peace My Brother...See U There...1st beer's on me...
> With a Heavy Heart & A Tear In My Eye...
> ~D~
> > Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2008 20:51:45 -0800> From: dmelton1@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Robert Lucas, RIP> To: BLUES-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > I don't know
> the details, but apparently it was drug related. I am in shock.> I've known
> Robert as a friend and had worked with him throughout the years> on many
> projects. This is a great loss for the new generation of blues. I'm> sure
> more info will trickle in as it develops....> > Sadly, Dave
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