RE: [Harp-L] Was Reality Check Now Froggy Voices

And there's the band Box of Frogs... and a song I recall called Too Stuffed to Jump.

At 05:32 PM 11/25/2008, you wrote:
The king of the froggy voices... Might be that guy in Black Oak Arkansas...
(Actually, I think his first name was/??is?? Jimmy).
 If he's not the king..., he's surely a frog prince sorely in need of a
kiss.. But ??Who'd?? Want to do that?
Brad Trainham
(Harp content?)
There ??might?? Be a harp in the studio version of their "hit" Hot And
Really lovable people with some advanced ideas, right??
Brad Trainham

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Alexander Savelyev quoted Tom Ball from an old post:

even the froggiest voice can be developed and/or have charm (witness a
couple of my heroes in John Prine and Dylan.)

I guess it depends what you call froggy. I would say Dylan didn't start out
froggy but BECAME froggy.

And several times I have tried to make a list of froggy voices in Rock and
Roll and realized the list went on and on. I wasn't calling it froggy,
though -- I had seen the term 'adenoidal' some- where and it struck a note.

Who is the King of Frogs?
Joey Ramone

Who is the purest Frog?
Charlie Musselwhite

Shockley (Down by the River)

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