[Harp-L] Re: musicians handbook for gigs...

randy singer wrote:
<A few years ago a tree fell in the forest with no sound when I  
<released my E-book entitled HARMONICA PLAYERS GUIDE TO GETTING GIGS. I  
<changed the title to a more general MUSICIANS HANDBOOK book but the  
<intent and focus is for harmonica players. There was little response  
<to my handbook back then from harp-L.
<Perhaps due to Iceman's timely post or the economic downturn, it is  
<time for me to once again, give away free pdf versions of my book via  
<the web.
<Getting gigs is about working, searching and believing smarter, not  
<harder. This book will show you how to prosper even in downtimes.
<You can find it on my website<

This is indeed a very, very valuable source of ideas for working musicians, and Randy is a very, very generous guy to give it away.

Regards, Richard Hunter
latest mp3s and harmonica blog at http;//myspace.com/richardhunterharp

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