[Harp-L] FW: Satan and Adam documentary: a Thanksgiving request


Dear Harp-L, 

I'm forwarding the body of an email from Adam Gussow regarding the
documentary on Satan & Adam. I figured some of you would be as interested as
I am in it, and if you are, you can email the director and encourage him to
complete the post-production work. In my humble opinion, these guys were the
best blues band in the world at their peak, and the trailer (
tch?v=BQ6ZRUqeEYc> http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ6ZRUqeEYc) looks
incredibly awesome. 






From: Modern Blues Harmonica [mailto:asgussow@xxxxxxx] 
Sent: Sunday, November 23, 2008 9:54 AM

Dear blues harmonica player: 


Usually I write to tell you about new lessons I've uploaded, things I've got
for sale. 


This is a very different email.  I'm writing to ask you for a personal
favor.  It will take five minutes of your time and will cost you nothing.
I'm asking you to watch a video and write an email to somebody who needs
your support. 


As some of you know, a documentary entitled Satan and Adam has been in the
works for many years.  In 1995, an award-winning young director named Scott
Balcerek began shadowing Sterling Magee (Mr. Satan) and me on gigs and
interviewing us in motel rooms.  He had, and still has, our full
cooperation.  We believe in his remarkable talent, good intentions, and
eventual success. 


Scott has our whole story in his hands:  our many triumphs and occasional
failures, including Sterling's long and challenging comeback from a nervous
breakdown after 1998.  Scott has funded this entire venture himself, at
considerable expense.  He's a talented guy, and his talents helped propel
him into some sophisticated work at a special effects guy working for George
Lucas on the three recent Star Wars movies.  The documentary has been, of
necessity, his "spare-time" project--the project car in the garage, the huge
yacht in the back yard. 


In 2007, as Sterlng and I began to make an unexpected comeback, Scott showed
us the fruits of 12 years:  a trailer for the still-unfinished documentary.
It blew us away.  I'd like to believe that it testified to the power of our
unusual story, but it certainly convinced us that we were right to have cast
our fate with Scott. 


Here's a link to that trailer, which both Scott and I have posted at


tch?v=BQ6ZRUqeEYc> http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=BQ6ZRUqeEYc


And here's why I'm writing you:  the distance from a short trailer like this
to a finished documentary is much longer than you realize.  Although the
filming is 95% complete, post-production takes a great deal of time, money,
and, commitment.  There are any number of ways, frankly, that projects like
this end up falling by the wayside.  Words of encouragement help more than
you know.   


If you like what you see in the trailer, please write to Scott at one or
both of the following emails.... 






....and let him know that you can't wait to see the finished documentary.
Please let him know that you think he's got a great thing going on.  If you
know of a film festival in your neck of the woods that might be interested
in screening his documentary once it's finished, let him know that, too. 


Many of you have already written to me and expressed such interest and
admiration, but Scott needs to hear from you directly.  I don't think he
quite realizes how much interest his short and powerful trailer has created
in his project. 


And if, by some chance, you've got a little money (or a lot of money) to
invest, and would like to become part of his documentary team--a very small
crew of very talented and committed people--please let him know that, too.
If you're in a position to help Scott in this way--well, we'll all be hugely
indebted to you.   


So that's it.  That's my Thanksgiving request.  I hope you can help me out.
I'm grateful for whatever you can do. 



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