[Harp-L] Chris Reynolds' Custom Golden Melody

I just received my custom Golden Melody in the key of A from Chris Reynolds - www.blowyourbrassoff.com and my first response is WOW. My first indication was the beauty of the thing. I had Chris put one of his new wooden combs in it, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL to look at..........then, I played it, it plays even better than it is beautiful. Lightning fast response, it bends without any effort at all, and takes very little air. I have one a custom Marine Band from Chris with a brass comb, which I also love, but I can't get over how easy it is to play my GM. I've never been a big fan of GM's, but now I do believe I'm hooked on this thing.

I also had a 270 with a cracked comb in it and Chris gave me a little inside info a few weeks ago that he was working on a replacement comb for them, so I sent it out to him.......it came in the same box yesterday........again, WOW. Eventhough I'm a chromatic knucklehead, I'm working on it, this thing is sweet. Again very airtight and comfortable...........Thanks Chris for a GREAT job.....


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